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Secrets to a Cleaner Home

  • Maria Earley
  • 01/05/17
  • 06:40 pm

With such busy working and home schedules these days keeping our homes clean and tidy can be a bit of a challenge, but it need not be. As with most things prevention is always preferable and so here are a couple of great little tips to reducing your cleaning time and costs.

Tip 1

Regardless of whether you have carpets, hard floors or rugs on your floors make a habit of taking your shoes off at your front door and putting them straight into a cupboard or on a shoe rack/caddy and your floors will stay clean for so much longer. However, if your shoes are dirty make sure you clean them before you put them away so that you don’t transfer that dirt onto your clean floors when taking them out to use them again.

And, when it comes to vacuuming (or what we call dry soil removal), whether you do this on a daily or weekly basis, make sure you use the NEWS method. First vacuum North to South and then East to West, this will ensure a thorough vacuuming and is how the professionals do it!

However, if you have children or pets, vacuuming should ideally be done daily to prevent a build-up of dry soiling conditions.

Tip 2

Have a designated space for everything.  If everything you own has a home, you will be far more likely to make sure that they are put back there! Have a cupboard in your hall way or lobby just for outdoor coats and shoes and accessory drawers in your cupboard, and encourage the rest of the family or household members to use these. Keeping the home clean and tidy should be a team effort!

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